The NAMM Show 2018

At 25th until 28th January 2018, iVee Guitars participated at The NAMM Show 2018.

This is the first time iVee Guitars joined the event despites have been invited several times by the organizer.

The crowd enthusiasm of iVee Guitars products was so amazing. Because of that reason, iVee Guitars decided to join another NAMM show in 2020.

In this event, iVee Guitars were choosen to be a part of Boutique Guitar Showcase which currated by Jamie Gale. Not all participant in NAMM show have this privilige. Only those who qualified will be choosen as a participant of Boutique Guitar Showcase which highly selected by NAMM organizer itself.

For further information about Jamie Gale Boutiqe Guitar Showcase, visit this link:

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