iVee#103 – New T Reso Gayo

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The word Gayo comes from the ancient Aceh language adopted from sanskrit which means mountain.
The Gayo people are an ethnic group living in the highlands of Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. They live predominantly in the mountains. Their homeland lies in the Barisan Mountains which has elevations of over 12,000 feet and extends more than one thousand miles.
The Gayonese language does not have a writing system, but folk tales, stories and poetry are passed down in oral tradition.
In the 11th century, the Linge Kingdom was established by the Gayo people during the reign of Sultan Makhdum Johan Berdaulat Mahmud Syah from the Perlak Sultanate, as it was told by two rulers who were ruling during the Dutch East Indies era; namely Raja Uyem and his son Raja Ranta, who is Raja Cik Bebesen, and also Zainuddin from the rulers of Kejurun Bukit.
Raja Linge I is said to have four children. The eldest was his daughter, Empu Beru or Datu Beru, and the remaining are Sebayak Lingga (Ali Syah), Meurah Johan (Johan Syah) and Meurah Lingga (Malamsyah).
Sebayak Lingga wandered off to Karo land and founded a country there and he was known as Raja Lingga Sibayak. Meurah Johan ventured on to Aceh Besar and established his kingdom by the name of Lam Krak or Lam Oeii or also known as Lamuri or Lamuri Sultanate.
This would mean that the Lamuri Sultanate was founded by Meurah Johan, while Meurah Lingga who was living in Linge, Gayo and the rest became kings of Linge for generations.
Meurah Silu migrated to Pasai and became an officer to the Pasai Sultanate there. Meurah Mege himself was buried in Wih Ni Rayang at the slopes of Keramil Paluh in Linge, Central Aceh, which until today it can still be found and are considered sacred by the locals.
The cause of migrating was unknown. However, according to history, Raja Linge favoured his youngest son, Meurah Mege, causing the rest of his children to prefer to wander away.

Type: act-electric resonator guitar
SN: 160603
Body: Brass Plate (1mm) with Gayonese etching
Body side: brass 1mm
Colors: Black w/ polishing brass contour
Gold hardware
Machining aluminum neck pocket
Neck: Birdseye Maple, 12″ Radius
Scale Length: 25.5″
No. of Frets: 22 wide
Nut: Graphtech tusQ. Width at Nut: 42mm, string spacing: 36mm
Machine Heads: Gotoh
Med string-action for fingerstyle and Slide use.
Bridge: Biscuit Cone type (Sonokeling w/ graphtech tusQ Saddle)
Pickup: Handwound GanËÈ Pickups
Controls: Vol (Bourns, 250K), tone (Bourns, 250K w/.033 Orange drop cap)
Hardcase included
Weight: 3.8 Kg

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