The Man Behind iVee Guitars

Ivan Mulia of iVee Guitars

Ivan Mulia (owner of iVee Guitars)

His passion of Blues music and remarkable interest to the resonator guitar especially the metal-body made Ivan Mulia began his own in 2009.
He has been producing guitars with unusual unique techniques since his daily experience on aluminum casting workshop for more than 10 years.
One of the iVee’s uniqueness is floral etching on the whole body, which use Indonesian tradition such as ‘batik’ and ‘songket’.
Technical calculations blends artistic culture is a hallmark of his work. As an honour of his works, Ivan has been dedicated to become a supporting member of European Guitar Builder (EGB).

“I really appreciate guitar as a sacred instrument. I don’t intend to make it in mass quantities as my appreciation to let it remain in its position.
iVee is the work produced in earnest. The more I learned, the more I feel I know nothing.
Innovation is not something that a snap happens.

I grew up in a viscous Indonesian culture, which will directly be the main point when I work.
Initially it never crossed my mind to become a guitar maker.
However, gradually I started to enjoy the process and decided to take it seriously.
Nevertheless, for me making guitar isn’t a job. It is a mindful meditation.

It’s a work of one hand, wholehearted attention, intimate devotion to follow through all production stages.
Purchasing a guitar from a handmade guitar boutique isn’t only buying a guitar but merely buying the soul of the maker.

For me, guitars will go through various improvements.
Guitars in the future might be lighter and made with advanced technology, but there will still be a tradition to honor because there are things that should just be kept as and respected as it is”

Photo by: Aryono Huboyo Djadi / Matajeli Photography

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