How does sildenafil work?

How does sildenafil work?
In order to choose the right dose of a medicine, it is important to determine how it affects a man’s body. Sildenafil viagra over-the-counter dosage and instructions are developed based on the results obtained in clinical trials. Therefore, before taking the drug, it is recommended that you carefully read the provisions of the instructions.

Tablets should be taken orally, drink the medicine with a sufficient amount of water. Unlike medicines with a similar effect, Viagra can “boast” the ability to combine with various products. However, when the drug is used together with fatty foods, its effectiveness may decrease, and the time of exposure to the body may slow down.

It is important to understand that the medicine acts on the male body only in the presence of natural sexual desire. This is because the drug is not a stimulant. Therefore, Sildenafil buy Viagra over the counter dosage and price of the drug in this case do not play a paramount role, because in the absence of a desire to have sex and without stimulating the partner, an erection by itself will not occur.

If a man experiences natural arousal while stimulating a partner, then the medicine enhances this sensation and contributes to an increase in erectile function. Moreover, the complexity of the disease and its source do not matter. Viagra enhances blood flow into the cavernous bodies of the penis. Thanks to this, a high-quality and lasting erection is achieved even if the man has not experienced it for several years.

Along with the original drug on the windows of pharmacies are also presented its analogues – generics. These drugs in terms of composition and potency are almost identical to branded products. Sildenafil viagra over-the-counter also acts as the main active ingredient in generics, 25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of the substance are present in one tablet. It is clear that at Sildenafil viagra over-the-counter, a dosage of 25 mg will be the lowest price. However, this is the minimum daily dose of the drug, which is recommended for men to take only in the initial stages of diseases associated with erectile dysfunction.